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      She was at the moment in the little typewriting den adjoining, the door of which was open. Through it he could just see her hands arranging the papers on her table; the rest of her was invisible. But as he spoke in a voice loud enough to be heard by her, he observed that her hands paused in the deft speed of their tidying and remained quite motionless for a second or two. And he knew as well as if some flawless telegraphic communication had been set up between{91} her brain and his that she was debating in her mind whether she should come or not. She thought him a cad, but no doubt she wanted to see his books; that was the message that came to him from her.

      Im not sure I shall forgive you, said Alice radiantly.She moistened her lips very genteelly with the tip of her tongue.

      He had no difficulty in making her look at him now. She looked up with a half smile.

      Good-afternoon, Propert, he said. I got that edition of the Morte dArthur you told me of. But they made me pay for it.

      Mrs Keeling rose.

      Norah looked not only surprised but startled, but she instantly recovered herself.Quite an excellent heart, she said. Julia has always been my friend, except just lately. And now it is all right again. Dont you think that quarrels sometimes lead to even warmer attachments, Mamma?


      No trouble, I hope? he said.She had not been without certain expression of herself in more human terms. She had for years borne patiently with a querulous mother, but her patience and care for her had been the expression of decent and filial behaviour rather than of herself. When that task was over she had gone with comradeship to her brother, with whom she had a greater affinity of tastes. But now, as she walked westwards in the snap of wintry air and the joy of wintry sun, she realised how completely{194} sisterhood and the kinship of a bookish mind accounted for her devotion to him. They were the best of friends, they lived together in the most amicable equality, in a comfortable atmosphere of courtesy and affection. She gave and she took, they lived and worked together equally, and that sense of fairness, of reasonable contract between brother and sister was the root of their harmonious companionship.


      That required much study. He had never signed himself like that before. She wondered if she could ever venture to call him Mr Cuthbert, and said Mr Cuthbert out aloud several times in order to get used to the unfamiliar syllables. Preachment too: that was a word he often used; once when he came to see them he entered the room chanting,


      No: only the wind and the song of a skylark.Well, that does put me in a responsible position, she said. At least I must insist on your having just a morsel more of the mayonnaise before they take it away. Its a very simple dinner Im giving you to-night: theres but a chicken and a slice of cold meat and a meringue and a savoury to follow.